How long is my Information kept?

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2018 06:34AM CET
For users storing their responses in their cloud storage, your received form responses are stored in your selected cloud storage option for files and responses. The information on your cloud storage is your responsibility and not maintained or accessible by Formplus.
Responses and files stored on Formplus servers are kept for as long as the account owner maintains an account with Formplus. Deleted responses in Formplus are removed temporarily, then permanently deleted and purged from the system automatically within the next 30 days.

All created forms are always available to you as long as you have a Formplus account except deleted. Deleted forms are removed from your account and purged from our servers immediately.

Irrespective of your subscription status or plan, you will always have access to your Formplus forms and data.

To delete your account information and all Formplus data permanently, please contact You can also request we provide any information we have on you at any point in time by contacting